About Us

Established in 1954, Pinecrest Elementary continues to offer quality public education in your own backyard, while continuing to foster intellectual growth and creative thinking to create model citizens of tomorrow. Our school has remained an “A” school since the inception of school grading and are proud to say that Pinecrest Elementary has remained an “A” school for 20 consecutive years!

Our Vision:

In an ever changing global community, Pinecrest Elementary is dedicated to developing life long learners who can cooperatively and successfully compete in a highly competitive technological world.

Our Mission:

Pinecrest Elementary School is dedicated to nurturing each student’s growth and pursuit of excellence in our dynamic multicultural and technological world. The Pinecrest Family believes in the unlimited ability of all students to become responsible and contributing citizens. Together we will provide a secure and positive environment to stimulate intellectual development, enhance personal qualities and foster respect for individual differences.

As part of our mission to develop the whole child, we are equally dedicated to encouraging creative endeavors, guiding students towards personal and emotional fulfillment, and providing health awareness for lifetime fitness.

To this end, Pinecrest Elementary School seeks and welcomes the participation of all our community who share in this commitment.

Have a great year!

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