FAQs about Parents’ Role

Q1 – How can I Help My Gifted Child?
Motivate your gifted child by….
  • Encouraging novel ideas
  • Encouraging goals set by the child
  • Helping your child recognize his/her strengths and weaknesses
  • Recognizing achievement
  • Encouraging independence and creativity
  • Being enthusiastic and optimistic
Q2 – What Else Can I Do?
  • Furnish books that cover a wide range of subjects and reading levels
  • Provide reference materials
  • Plan field trips and library visits
  • Set aside time for reading
  • Encourage participation in outside activities
  • Model a life-long love of learning
  • Be an advocate for your child and his/her need for gifted services as it arises
Q3 – How Can I Learn More?
  • Ask your child’s gifted teacher for information.
  • Visit your local library
  • Visit other web sites
  • Read the articles in the Gifted Resources… section

* Information adapted from: Brevard Public Schools